Thursday, January 30, 2014

Infrared & the Overactive Imagination

It snowed here and my kid's school was closed (again) for what I can only imagine will be the rest of their lives. I spent the day inside staring at various parts of the wall while trying to write when something out of the window caught my eye. In the white field of snow, there was a blue bicycle lying on the ground. It's the kind of bike a teenager would ride and it seems odd that they would just leave it there and even stranger that lying on top of it was a shovel. My mind immediately went into hyperdrive and imagined a missing kid and the discovery of a body. Recognizing the signs of snow day stir crazy, I decided to take my camera outside and not only not photograph the body that I wouldn't find, but also get some air and look for high contrast for black and white images.

After slipping down the hill to my imaginary murder scene, I was relieved to find no body or traces of anything sinister. In fact, it appears that the shovel was there as part of a teen's efforts to create a ramp to use for jumping the bike. I plan on yelling things like 'consarn it' and 'get out here you young whippersnapper' when the bike's owner returns as a way of expressing my gratitude for their continued health.

In the meantime, I found plenty of contrast and two of the images were interesting enough to work with. Unfortunately, there weren't any people or animals wandering about to serve as subjects, so I had to settle for the more abstract. I decided to use infrared filters to process my images, because I wanted that silvery effect that I have seen in so many old photos of snow. I'm pretty pleased with the results and it kept me from typing 'all work and no play makes Hannah a dull girl' 3000 times on my screen.