Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Addendum to Vietnamese - Soup of the gods

I have returned from another dinner at Binh Minh Vietnamese restaurant in Greensboro and I am pleased to say that it was, once again, fantastic. I think that this was the best bowl of Pho that I have ever had, and I am no stranger to the dish...that's pho sure. Okay, last pho pun, sorry, I couldn't help it.

Pho with Chicken and Shrimp
We went with our friends Barbara and Pawel who were in town for the evening and, in fact, it was Pawel who told us about the place. I may have to invent some kind of award just to be able to give it to him. I will have to do it when I am not as full as I am right now though. Now, it's just about all I can do to keep from exploding.

But back to the food...

Barbara ordered Sesame chicken which was perfectly crunchy with this wonderful garlicky spicy sesame sauce. When it came to the table, it had the kind of smell that lets you know that you are willing to burn your tongue because you can't wait long enough for it to cool down, you have to eat it right then.
Sesame Chicken

But the pho...oh my. I put two slices of jalapeno peppers in it and let them sit and it got just a bit spicy, but not too much. It has a tinge of sweetness to it and, of course, comes in a bowl large enough to lose a cat in.

My daughter, once again, refrained from letting any actual food enter her mouth (she survives, I think, entirely by absorbing vitamins through her skin) and contented herself with drinking lemonade and asking if we were done eating yet. I answered her in the spirit of John Paul Jones, by saying "I have not yet begun to eat!" And followed with "I regret that I have but one stomach to give for this food!" She did not think either reply was funny and I am greatly looking forward to her teenage years when she will have the good sense to be embarrassed by me.

My son had the clear broth soup the he had ordered last time. There is this delicious sweetness in the broth, almost a hint of licorice, most likely anise. It is so simple but absolutely divine. He took his bowl to another table so that he could watch a replay of the afternoon's game of Belgium vs the US in what we convinced him was a rematch. He was certain the US would win this time. Luckily we left before his little heart was broken.

Clear Broth Soup with Scallions

I remember to take pictures this time. I have only just been able to stop licking my screen long enough to post them. Then I must go back to lying down and feeling like a glutton. Seriously though if you are within a radius of less than the earth's circumference, you should go here immediately.

If it isn't open, just sit outside with your faced pressed up against the window. It will be worth the wait.