Monday, March 31, 2014

Quadpolar Steez

If you feel a breeze blowing by, it's probably just me as I swing from breathless egoism to wild despair and back again. I used to wonder if I were bipolar but I have since realized that I can't be restricted to just two poles - I'm an explorer.

So, on the up - I got my first freelance writing gig through oDesk, writing for a photography blog out of New Zealand. I wrote about some tips for photography with children (not of children, but how to enjoy photography with children under 10). When that is ready for its big reveal, I will post the link.

On the down - I applied for and was rejected from a freelance writing position with Photojojo. The response to my application, which included the standard letter & resume as well as writing samples, was:
"Your writing was swell (the intro sentence gave me quite a chuckle)! But, it's not quite a fit for the Photojojo steez." 

I think it was the most adorable rejection I've ever gotten.

Then I had the following reactions, in this order:
  • Wait - who are they to say I haven't got the Photojojo Steez?!?
  • What the hell is the Steez?
  • Is this something I was vaccinated against when I was a child?
  • Thank you for providing a definition of steez that is only helpful if you already know what steez is.
  • Clearly I don't have this if I don't even know what it is.
  • Oh my god, this means that I am old. I'll probably be dead within a week.
  • Is this really an okay way to write in an email to someone you are rejecting? I'm an adult for chrissake.
  • Oh my god, that means I'm old too!
  • Fools, I'll destroy them all.
  • Or maybe I'll take a nap...because that's what old people do!!
Luckily, I was interrupted by the legal requirement to pick up my children from school and there is absolutely no stewing about self while in the presence of children.

It's funny, I could get 100 positive responses to something and then I get one rejection (which is actually a pretty positive rejection provided that I never find out I am wrong about my understanding of steez) and I'm off the 'clearly my life has been a waste and I should probably just crawl in a hole now' cliff.

After all, I am a genius. I guess I'm just continually surprised by how many people fail to realize this  despite the fact that it has been independently confirmed by at least three people.*

*my mother, my husband, and a homeless guy I offered $10. for confirmation of my genius.