Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why I am Not Yet [insert adjective here]

I am having a hard time focussing…not that this is new for me, but usually it is because I am overwhelmed with things I want to do. Today, I am feeling confused about whether or not the things I am doing are just ways of wasting time. I do know that I should stay off of because I can look at goats knocking over children all day long and I'm pretty sure that's not going to get me anywhere. 

I couldn't think of anything to go out and shoot, so I shot myself. 

I think that could be the sentence that gets me arrested. 

I always enjoy flattening multiple reflections - it's one of the most interesting transformations of a two-dimension art. I guess if I'm enjoying something, it can't be a waste of time.

The Hand magazine announced its selected artists yesterday and (drum roll) I was not one of them. Sad face. They had 74 artists enter and selected about 15 for the magazine. I looked through the work of those they had selected and I am looking forward to getting my copy of the magazine to see both the overall product and the individual's works. 


When will there be universal recognition of my genius? Mwahahahaha…ahem. Excuse me.

On another note, I spent a couple of days last week printing the rest of my photos for the exhibit at the Multicultural Resource Center at UNCG. It was really amazing to see the images on paper and some of them I printed at a fairly large size. Now, I just have to build all of the frames for them and get them matted (*nervous high-pitched laugh*). That should be no problem? Right?!? I have a couple of them done and I really like the way they look when they are all finished - it's like they become official or something. 

If I get stuck for new activities, I guess I could always go back to kitty porn…